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Tropical S.A. participated at the 2nd Euro – Mediterranean Workshop on Hydrogen produced from Renewable Sources which was organized by the First established Hydrogen University in the world at Bari, Italy from the 19th to the 21st of September 2008.
The workshop started with the speech through video projection from the “guru” of Hydrogen Technologies, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Economy, Mr. Jeremy Rifkin. Then, Mr. Lagios (CEO & President of Tropical S.A.), who was officially invited as a guest and as talker and presented the activities of Tropical on the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell department. All the participants showed great interest. Numerous products that have been presented some of them under continuous development and some them at pre-commercial stage such as the hydrogen fuel cell power generators, the hydrogen fuel cell city car, the hydrogen fuel cell scooter, etc.
During the workshop, a memorandum was signed for the establishment of the first Hydrogen University at Bari on the 20th of September 2008. The memorandum was signed in attendance of great guests from Greece as well as from other countries all around the world. From Greece were invited: Mr G Lagios, President & CEO of Tropical S.A., Mr A. Vrachnos, President of the Greek Government commission for Ecologic & Green Transportation, Mr. N. Lymberopoulos, ex-director of CRES and now Associate Director of UNIDO – ICHET and also the Prof. C. Christodoulou from the Frederick Institute in Cyprus.
Also, the workshop was attended by the Deputy Chief of Energy and Sustainable development of the Mediterranean Union from the Republic of France, Mr Gilles Pennequin and the Italia


Tropical's Tractor

Tropical's Robot Tractor for Agriculture, New Holland Factory - Belgium

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