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Tropical S.A. is a developer of distributed power generation products and solutions. The company designs, manufactures and sells a broad range of Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology solutions for residential, commercial and institutional, fixed or portable applications. In addition to Fuel Cell Power Systems, its product portfolio also includes Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles (bicycles, cars, scooters, trucks & minibuses), Lithium Batteries (for EV and Custom Applications) and Commercial Vehicle A/C & Refrigeration Systems.

Founded in 1991, the company’s initial focus was on the design and manufacture of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems for commercial, military and other special purpose built vehicles. Soon, its innovative A/C System Inverter Technology gave it a significant technological advantage, local market domination with an +80% market share and significant exports. Further, focusing on the transportation needs of fresh or frozen food companies, the company developed a broad range of refrigeration units for vans and delivery vehicles, with cooling boxes (isothermal Chambers) being driven by either the vehicle’s engine or an electric standby refrigeration.

In parallel to its core business, in 2000, Tropical’s research interests expanded into the domains of Electric Vehicles and Hydrogen - Fuel Cells technologies being oneof the oldest hydrogen & fuel cell companies in Europe. Since then, the company has made significant investments in research and new product development, as well as participated in a number of international joint research programs with premier Universities and Research Institutes around the world (cooperated with at least 28 Universities, 18 Research Institutes and 27 Research Companies).

The company’s strong product focus and determination to develop commercially attractive products have led to many European Firsts products, which all of them have some common advantages such as being quite in operation, compact in size & light weight, produce zero-emissions, minimal maintenance costs, long lifetime, superb reliability & stability. All these under ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management System that Tropical maintains and implements for its processes for the Design and Production of Fuel Cell Systems and assembly of Hybrid / Electric Vehicles.