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 Modular Fuel Cell System for educational purposes, integrating our TB-1000R PEM Fuel Cell System (including Ballard's FCgen 1020ACS Stack), PEM Electrolyser, Metal Hydride Tanks, Power Electronics (DC/DC Converter, Battery Charger, DC/AC Inverter), Solar Rack Module (with integrated AC Inverter) & Electronic Load (with dynamic operation).  This 24V dc converter / stabilizer, synchronizes with the TB-1000 main controlling unit for exceptional efficiencies and fast responses across its operation parameters.


HydroTrain Modular Educational System with Tropical's integrated TB-1000R Hydrogen Fuel Cell System was successfully delivered through our Polish distributor to the Technical University of Białystok after winning a tender and is suitable for Educational (lab operation/experiments) or as simply as for Demonstration purposes always fulfilling our customer needs.

This complete modular energy system, includes our TB-1000R Hydrogen Fuel Cell System, which integrates Ballard's FCgen 1020ACS Air Cooled 36 Cell PEMFC Stack) with modern design, high efficiency & reliability and increased runtime operation. It provides 1.2kW continuous power with multiple voltage outputs using highly efficient power electronics (DC/DC Converter, Battery Charger, DC/AC Inverter) as well as Tropical's smart controller and touch screen color display.

Moreover, the three cabinets include a water PEM Electrolyser @ 16bar hydrogen output (suitable for charging metal hydride tanks), 3 x Metal Hydride Tanks with total capacity over 2Nm3, Solar Rack Module (with integrated AC Inverter/Charger), a small Battery Bank, an Electronic Load (@ 2400W / 200A / 0-80V with display, U - I - P - R settings and dynamic operation) and several metering options as well as combination of power I/O's. Data can be recorded and saved on a Flash Disk through the USB Port and remote monitoring can be achieved through the Ethernet Port using a static IP.

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