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electric car tazzari electric scooter electric bicycle
Electric Car Electric Scooter Electric Bicycle
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TB-1000P Η2 PEM Fuel Cell System PEM Water Electrolyser   Inverter - Battery Charger  Metal Hydride Tank Hydrogen Leak Detector 


TROPICAL S.A. successfully delivered to the TEI of Western Macedonia at Kozani, educational designed products for integrating them on the existing smart micro grid which is located on their laboratories. The supplied products include the following:

  1. Tazzari Zero EEC Approved Electric Car
  2. Tropical PG-5000 EEC Approved Electric Scooter
  3. Tropical Extreme Electric Bicycle
  4. Tropical TB-1000P Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell Power Generators (x 2)
  5. PEM Water Electrolysers for hydrogen production (x 2)
  6. Hydrogen Metal Hydride Tanks (x 2)
  7. Portable Hydrogen Leak Detectors (x 2)
  8. Inverters / Battery Chargers @ 1.2 kW power each (x 2)
  9. Inverters @ 1.5 kW power each (x 2)

Tropical S.A., over the last 15 years, supplied on the Greek market electric vehicles (cars, scooters, buses, bicycles, etc) as well as a wide range of hydrogen + fuel cell products which are custom designed for Universities and Research Institutes and developed from our engineers on our laboratories according to our customer's specifications.


Tropical's Tractor

Tropical's Robot Tractor for Agriculture, New Holland Factory - Belgium

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