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PEM ELECTROLYSERS use the most updated PEM technology to produce pure hydrogen 99.9999% (grade 6).

Full microprocessor control, with a 128 x 64 pixel touch screen LCD interface and auto diagnostics alarms.

H2 outlet pressure is adjustable through an electronic controller from the LCD touch screen.

Integrated: H2 leak detectors, water level and quality sensors

Refilling metal hydride tanks for use with fuel cells

No risks as no caustic solutions are used

Up to 20 units can be connected in parallel

CE Certified & 19'' rack as optional



Models TRGH-260 TRGH-500 TRGH-800 TRGH-1000 TRGH-1200
General Data
Electrolytic Cell PEM Technology
H2 Purity > 99.9999%   (grade 6)
Outlet Pressure 12bar (174psi)  / 16bar optional
H2 Flow Rate (cc/min) 260cc/min / 15,6lit/h 500cc/min / 30lit/h 800cc/min / 24lit/h 1000cc/min / 60lit/h 1200cc/min / 72lit/h
RS 232 / RS 485 / USB Fuel Cell Power Generator Systems - Applications
LAN Optional
Parallel Mode Capability Fuel Cell Power Generator Systems - Applications
Fill Canister Function Fuel Cell Power Generator Systems - Applications
Water Quality Deionized, ASTMII, <0.1uS
Power Supply Voltage 230Vac / 50Hz (24Vdc optional)
Power Consumption 280W 450W 560W
Weight 15kg 18kg 20kg
Dimensions 300 x 430 x 420 mm


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Tropical's Robot Tractor for Agriculture, New Holland Factory - Belgium

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