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Tropical 8

With great success has been delivered the First Greek 2 Seated Hydrogen Fuel Cell City Car to the Centre of Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Athens, Greece. After this, Tropical S.A. is included into the few companies worldwide that have managed to offer such a car which is friendly to the environment with zero pollution, especially after the last June’s delivery of a similar car to INETI Research Institute, Portugal.
The delivery of the car took place the day before the “World Day of Environment” on the 5 of June 2008, where thCRES and the Hydrogen Technologies Laboratory visited by the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr K. Papoulias and the Minister of Development, Mr C. Folias. Both of them show great interest on this cooperation and of course about the development and operation of this zero emissions vehicle. After the completion of this car, now Tropical is focusing on the development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell City Buses.
The Hydrogen Fuel Cells City Car uses an advanced and fully automated 1.8kW/dc fuel cell system and 36V voltage that charges the batteries with the aid of a charger. Then, by using a 5.2Nm3 low pressure metal hydride hydrogen storage tank, the car’s range has been increased to over 200km. At the moment it is located at the Headquarters of CRES, at Pikermi and in the near future it will be allocated to CRES technological park in Keratea (close to Athens), where it disposes most of the Renewable Energy Sources on operation for educational and laboratory uses and of course the First Hydrogen Refueling Station in Greece.
This environmental friendly and zero emissions car is easily operated by the user and suits perfectly to Universities, Research Institutes, Colleges, Hotels, Golf courts, Recreational resorts, Stadiums, Airports, Rail stations, Hospitals, Big storage yards, Customs storage yards, Post storage yards, Rental operations, Theme parks, Zoos, Aquariums, Army, Navy & Air Force Bases, etc.
Having always as first priority the reduction of environmental pollution on city centers, Tropical S.A. plays the leading part for one more time trying to improve our quality of life. Greece as well as Tropical S.A. is one of the leading countries of Europe on research & development on Hydrogen + Fuel Cell Technologies which is consider to be the fuel of the future with hundreds of products being at a pre-commercialization stage. For this reason, Tropical is included among the 55 organizations of the European Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Platform – Industry Grouping (Joint Technology Initiative – Industry Grouping).


Tropical's Tractor

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