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Tropical S.A. participated for one more year at the 15th Energy + Hydrogen + Fuel cell International Fair which was held at Hannover, Germany from the 20th to the 24th of April. Tropical presented on operation it’s all new revolutionary 500W hydrogen fuel cell power generator, TB-500, which achieved positive feedbacks because of its noiseless operation and for producing zero emissions.


The air cooled fuel cell power generators with power range from 500Watt to 3kW are specially designed to be used as UPS or as back-up power systems with thousand of applications, such as telecommunication stations, caravans, remote area houses, signalling & sensing, motor yachts, fire watch and alarm cameras / systems, etc During the Fair, several meetings as well as discussions took place and some strategic partners were established especially on the peripheral’s side of the fuel cell systems. Last but not least, several meetings had as main discussion the reselling of our products and especially the full range (500W to 3kW) of the TB Series Fuel Cell Systems establishing sales networks on their countries.


Tropical's Tractor

Tropical's Robot Tractor for Agriculture, New Holland Factory - Belgium

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