Robot Fleets for Highly Effective Crop in Mediterranean Agriculture (RHEA)


Development of 3 hybrid hydrogen fuel cell systems for a robot fleet for effective crop management. The hybrid power pack that was designed, manufactured and installed on each of the three robotic tractors was consituted from the following equipment:
- PEM Fuel Cell System
- Photovoltaic (Solar PV)
- Hydrogen Storage on Metal Hydride Tanks
- Batteries
- Tractor Alternator
- Smart Hybrid Microprocessor

Participated partners:
- CogVis GmbH
- Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien Ltd.
- Cyberbotics Ltd
- Università di Pisa
- Universidad Complutense de Madrid
- Tropical S.A.
- Soluciones Agrícolas de Precisión S.L.
- AirRobot
- University of Florence
- Research Group Cemagref
- Case New Holland
- Bluebotics
- Gennaro Penillo