Fluorine substituted High Capacity Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage at Low Working Temperatures (FlyHy)


The main objectives on this project were:
- To exploit findings on materials destabilisation and stabilisation resp. by halogen substitution for alane, borohydrides and Reactive Hydride Composites , in order to achieve a breakthrough in the thermodynamic properties of these materials exhibiting the highest hydrogen capacities known at present
- To obtain an in depth scientific understanding of the sorption properties of the substituted materials by extended structural and thermodynamical characterisation and modelling, for materials optimisation
- To determine tank relevant materials properties like e.g. densification behaviour and heat conductivity, and
- To do first tests in a prototype tank.

Participated partners:
- HZG (Germany)
- IFE (Norway)
- Aarhus University (Denmark)
- University of Torino (Italy)
- INIFTA (Argentina)
- Tropical S.A. (Greece)