r d projects thumbTropical's Research & Development Department, for over 15 years have cooperated with at least 28 Universities, 18 research institutes and 27 research companies from all over the world for the development of the future “GREEN” products which are mainly focused on hydrogen technologies (Power, storage, supply and production), Automotive Solutions (electric + fuel cells vehicles) and renewable energy sources (solar & wind).

Tropical is already a strong partner in European FP7 research projects having participated on several projects with outstanding results. Our expertise on different engineering sectors and our fully equipped research center is the main reason for choosing Tropical as partner.

Since Horizon 2020 is up on the European Union and proposals are prepared for submission, Tropical is looking for a collaboration, being a partner on a consortium that will significantly increase its possibilities to be selected. We believe that our competencies and services can lead to a beneficial cooperation with you for your current and future projects.

If you believe that Tropical can be of a help to your proposal or you would like to set up a new proposal, please contact us for further discussionson how a fruitful cooperation can proceed successfully for both sides.

Fuel Cell System for power generation using Methanol as fuel (ΣΠ-Ε 25)


Design and development of a 500W PEM Fuel Cell Stack capable of operating with gaseous hydrogen which has been produced from Methanol reforming. During the project two different stacks designed and developed - a low temperature (70 - 90oC) as well as a high temperature (150 - 180oC) PEM Fuel Cell Stack - including Membrane Electrode Assembly's (MEA's), Flexible Graphite Bipolar Plates, NaFion based materials concluded on testing and evaluating both options.

Participated Partners:
- Tropical S.A.
- Foundation of Research & Technology Hellas (FORTH)
- Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)
- Frigoglass S.A.
- Germanos S.A.
- Sunlight S.A.


Renewable Energy Technology Transfer Network (FP5 - IPS-2001-42032)


Evaluated the possibility to produce a commercially small city car (GreenCityCar) using three different power systems (Power packs): Fuel Cells (LT - PEMFC), Hybrid (battery range extender) and pure electric (batteries).

Finally, the development of a 2 seated "hybrid" hydrogen fuel cell city car using a low temperature hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell acting as a battery range extender followed by extensive dissemination activities mainly within European Union took place.

Participated Partners:
- International Innovation Service Ltd (UK)
- Tropical S.A.
- META Consulting (Italy)
- University of Vaasa (Finland)


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