The military has been one of the first to recognize the importance and flexibility offered by the power independence and durability of fuel cell power systems. Fuel cell systems provide numerous advantages but the most important for military and telecom solutions are safety and security.

Common applications include the use as fuel hydrogen, LPG and methanol to provide power through our fuel cell power systems mainly for telecommunication centers and towers as primary or back-up power systems, as an alternative power generation system in remote locations or as an Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS) for emergency reasons.

Tropical’s hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Systems ranging from 500W up to 10kW can be easily installed on any premises providing clean power and heat with increased efficiency minimizing energy costs. By using our reformate power generation systems (supplying them with Natural Gas, LPG, Methanol and Propane) someone can even produce its own hydrogen which can be then stored on hydrogen tanks and can be used whenever is necessary. In the absence of hydrocarbon you can still implement those hydrogen fuel cell power systems (with the aid of a water electrolyser) with your solar photovoltaic system, wind generator or any other renewable energy source having a hybrid system which will never let you down. A fully hybrid system can then provide electricity to any electrical appliance or even charge the batteries of the military appliances or telecom towers & centers with fully harmonized and stable current.

Moreover on portable appliances or on military camps where exercises are taking place, smaller portable fuel cell power generators are available e.g. 500W and 1kW of power that could often be used for battery charging or be a part of a small back up system in rural areas where there is no electricity available. And all these noiseless, with no emissions, with power efficiency reaching even 90% and lightweight in comparison to any internal combustion power generators or battery operated systems.

Further, Tropical’s complete product portfolio of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems offer solutions for a broad audience of applications including A/C for military transportation vehicles and telecommunication shelters, special purpose vehicles and equipment and military tanks even on harsh climates and conditions. With its innovative inverter technology and electronic control systems, Tropical’s A/C & Refrigeration Systems offer superior performance even in countries where temperatures reach 50oC, lower engine usage, gas usage and all these advantages with reduced maintenance costs and long term warranty.

Therefore, choose the best option for your application or you can contact us directly for even more smart solutions or custom made solutions …

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