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Tazzari Zero - Electric Car

ZERO is the world’s first electric urban sports vehicle. The dream that was missing. Created with the planet in mind after three years of research and development, ZERO has been made with real passion.

It is the ultimate expression of Italian creativity – a dream that has become reality.

An Italian thoroughbred with ecology at heart.




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  • Two years full guarantee (Battery and Car)
  • Latest generation Lithium batteries
  • Standard 220V Lithium battery charger (fitted inside vehicle)
  • Equalizer for Lithium batteries
  • LED econometer read out
  • Interiors in soft-touch material
  • LED tail lights and LED third brake light
  • Reverse light
  • Rear fog lamp
  • Side-view mirrors with integrated LED indicators
  • 2 loading areas with 180 litre capacity and LED courtesy light
  • Electrically adjustable side-view mirrors
  • Electric window-raisers
  • Centralised locking system
  • Immobilizer
  • Sports pedal in aluminium
  • Aluminium design internal handles
  • CD and document compartment
  • 15'' aluminium alloy wheels
  • Adjustable eco-leather seats
  • Mobile and iPhone socket
  • Braking system with 4 disc brakes
  • Electrically controlled regenerative braking
  • Electrical heater
  • 10-notch charge level indicator
  • 4 operating modules with different driving settings
  • Hyper silence traction
  • Suspension "comfort"
  • Interior with storage pockets and bottle holder
  • Radio with MP3, SD and Mini-USB
  • Pastel colours for bodywork

  • New touch screen control panel
  • Comfort steering wheel (diameter 35cm)
Design optionals
  • Optional colour
  • Custom colour (customer-selected RAL)
  • White Painted Stripes (hood and trunk)
  • Grey Painted Stripes (hood and trunk)
  • Black Painted Stripes (hood and trunk)
  • 15'' Anthracite aluminium alloy wheels
  • 15'' glossy White aluminium alloy wheels
  • 15'' Matt Black aluminium alloy wheels
  • Pure White painted roof
  • Matt Grey painted roof
  • Ultraview sunroof
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Front fog lamps
  • White LED tail lights and third brake light
Energy optionals
  • 220V 3-speed Multifast charger (5 hours 100%)
  • Superfast charger kit pre-installed
  • Charger Mini Superfast Portable 380V (2 hours 80%)
  • 380V Superfast charger (1 hour 80%)
  • Battery warranty with extra 12-month upgrade (3 years total warranty) 
  • Battery warranty with extra 24-month upgrade (4 years total warranty) 
  • Battery warranty with extra 36-month upgrade (5 years total warranty) 
Interior optionals
  • Leather sports steering wheel (diam. 32 cm)
  • Eco-leather seats - sand colour
  • Ultralight sport bucket seats
Technical optionals
  • Alarm (automatic window-raiser device and siren)
  • Parking sensors
  • Intermittent windshield wipers
  • Right-hand drive
Cold zone optionals
  • EXTRAPOWER heater
  • Heated windshield
  • Heated rear window
  • Set of winter tyres
Hot zone optionals
  • A/C System

The Group was founded in 1963 when Giorgio Tazzari set up what would become an established and continually expanding Italian manufacturing company.

The company’s long and varied history has rightly led the Tazzari family to occupy an important place in advanced engineering, aluminium casting, subcontracting and assembly, machining and the service sector.

During the 1970s, thanks to the intuition and determination of Gian Luca Tazzari, son of Giorgio, the Tazzari name reached ski slopes all over the world through the company’s design and production of high-precision ski grinding machines and ski service-related technology.

The company has always been a dedicated Italian producer in pursuit of excellence. Now, after 45 years of growth, investment, diversification, improvement and increasing specialisation in the very best of technology and manufacturing, Tazzari Holding and its affiliates are directed by Erik and Rafael Tazzari.

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