George Lagios, Founder & CEO 

George Lagios is the founderand CEO of Tropical. Passionate about technology and new product development, Mr. Lagios founded Tropical in 1991 and led it to domination of the local market of Commercial Vehicle A/C & Refrigeration Systems with over 80% market share for the past 16 years. In parallel, over the past decade he also lead Tropical through a series of investments and international joint R&D programs in the domain of hydrogen fuel cells with the vision of bringing affordable distributed power generation to the mass market. Under Mr. Lagios’s leadership Tropical was also the first European company to demonstrate a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car, scooter, boat and minibus.


kaplanisGeorge Kaplanis, Director, Products & EngineeringGeorge Kaplanis' LinkedIn Profile

George Kaplanis is leading product development in the domain of hydrogen fuel cells and oversees all of Tropical’s engineering and R&D activities. Mr. Kaplanis joined Tropical in 2004 and has since been involved in all aspects of its operations, in product development across all of Tropical’s product portfolio and the management of numerous international R&D programs. He holds a BEng (Mechanical) and an MSc in Engineering with a focus on Renewable Energy, both from City University, London.




Alex Vrahnos

Alexandros Vrachnos, Technical Advisor in Transport & H2 Technologies 

Mr. Vrachnos is a technical advisor in transport and hydrogen technologies. He is founding member of the Hellenic Hydrogen Society and member of the Committee of Transport of the European Center of Public Enterprises. Mr. Vrachnos holds a B.Eng in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA and a M.Sc. in Materials & Engineering from MIT, USA.